We are a Movement Therapy company,
and our Mission is
“To Enhance Health Through Movement”.

We provide high level professional expertise in Performance Training, Sports Rehabilitation, Spine Rehabilitation, as well as educational seminars in specific technical subjects.

Our core believe is that Movement is medicine. Our bodies and minds have been shaped by Movement for millions of years and this is the true missing link in our modern lives.


Gustavo has an extensive experience working in the Fitness industry for the past 20 years in roles such as Strength and Conditioning coach, Sports coach, Gym management, Running club, Studio Owner, etc. A great exposure to a range of modalities and a close relationship with diverse professionals, from whom he has learned skills and points of views, have influenced in creating his own singular concept in Movement Therapy.


Functional Intense Training

Our methodology Soul-FIT has been in the making for the last 20+ years. That is the experience put behind every exercise program. In all these years many training systems have been in and out of fashion. My approach was always to learn the techniques and filter the best ideas which could be adapted to my clients. The result is a multi-faceted training philosophy centred on natural functional movement.


Movement Is Medicine

We believe that Rehab and Training have a lot in common and that Movement is the path to optimal, pain free performance.


Never Stop Learning

An important part of our work is to educate our clients in all aspects related to his Training or Rehab Program. We aim to translate biomechanics and physiological concepts into changes in movement patterns and habits for optimal health.

We also regularly participate in educational events such as courses, congresses and workshops. Take a look at our team and the calendar for the next event.


because you can’t out-train
a bad diet

Nutrition is a one of the most important pillars of human health. It is a complex subject which deserves careful consideration, unfortunately there is much confusion due to conflicting opinions and advice. In order to provide the best information and help you to achieve optimal health we have partnered with Vanessa Buchheim, expert in human nutrition.


Client Satisfaction has been our only marketing strategy in the last 20 years. Hear them out:

Gustavo transformed my relationship with fitness through his personality, knowledge, energy and commitment.

I have never had a trainer for more than a few months before but, after over 8 years together, I am stronger, healthier, and very happy with my body and performance. Gustavo’s approach to health and fitness is multi faceted, I am so grateful for the positive impact he has made in my life.



With a long history of patellar chondromalacia I had got used to believe that pain was an inevitable consequence if i wanted to train and especially run. When I moved to London, Gustavo was highly recommended. I instantly connected with his scientific but also holistic approach and we started training before I unpacked the crates. The sessions were intense but also fun and creative. With slow and steady progress we faced and conquered my fears and realigned the body so I could have an enjoyable active life. Things I could never deem imaginable like carrying my child down the stairs without holding the handrail or running around in the playground are just automatic. Jogging pain free up and down the hill is a bonus.

Maristela R.

I’ve met Gustavo for the first time in 2012, after suffering heavily from lower back pain. It took 2 sessions (and a lot of changes in my daily routine encouraged by Gustavo) and the pain stopped. Not only that, I tremendously enjoyed my fitness sessions with Gustavo and continue to see him ever since twice a week. Keeping me fit, healthy and happy - a true rock star. Thank you.

Stefan G

I have been training with Gustavo for 10 years. I credit him for having aged less than I should have during that time. I like his holistic approach to training, based on movements that solicit many different muscles groups simultaneously. I also find it very effective. Gustavo knows to find the right balance between working out hard and keeping it enjoyable. I used to have recurring back problems that have disappeared since I started to train with him. He has also helped me to break a sub-3 hours at the NY marathon, something I would not have achieved without his coaching. His deep academic and practical knowledge of the human body sets him apart from other trainers. I highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed.

Guillaume F.

I believe the most important aspect of Gustavo's work was to develop my body awareness. Having had lower back pain for as long as I can remember, I now understand what triggers my pain and how to avoiding it from happening. And when it fails he's always there to help me out.
Moreover, he's got a super creative spectrum of strengthening exercises, no boredom!

Marta R.

I trained with Gustavo for many years and it was impressive how my performance improved during this time. I like running and decided to do the Jungfrau marathon. Gustavo focused on my needs and it was a great experience. After that, I decided to run a half marathon with my daughter but I did not have much time to prepare for it. Again, Gustavo developed a specific training program that allowed me to get there in a short period of time. Gus is awesome.

Carlos S.

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